Saturday, July 29, 2006

Bitches Always Bark and Witches Always Howl

It's been several months since I posted any blogs. I intend to start doing so regularly again. Beginning with the following poem that I wrote for a friend recently who has been having troubles with some critics at their office. I thought some of you might also like it.

Bitches always bark,

and vicious witches always howl.

Donkeys always chew the chewed,

and never think of how.

How they came to be,

and who they are,

and what's the meaning of it all.

Our life is meant for contemplation,

something higher and profound.

Pleasure can be had by all,

men, women, birds, and beasts.

What distinguishes the humans

is potentiality for peace.

Animals will always fight

backbite n seek limelight:


A wise person, like the Moon

is steady n illuminating.

Not like flashy shooting stars

that come and go so fast.

Don't pay heed to barking dogs

vicious witches and the like.

Let your short life's caravan go on,

live life for yourself my friend

-- and don't ever compromise.